Flights of Fantasy – A Season of One Act Plays

A season of Five Locally Written One Act Plays (by members of the Hartwell community)


Ghost Funeral [Youth Production]

Written by Michael Olsen

Directed by Andrew Jacobs & Katherine Payne

Synopsis – After the crash of Flight 86 from Perth, Jessica winds up as personal assistant to Ivan Drazool, the ruler of the ghost dimension.  Unfortunately the amnesia she suffered in the plane crash has carried over, so she has no memory of who she was before she became a ghost.  Life with Drazool isn’t too bad, but his plans to build an army to break down the walls between the ghost dimension and the real world involve wreaking death and destruction in order to recruit the souls of the dead.  Can Drazool be stopped in time, or will the barriers that separate our two worlds be breached forever?


Drazool – Miles Colman

Johnny – Elliot Bell

Flight Attendants – Oliver Bell, Libby Brockman, Aleesha Cairina, Shanyn Yapp

Captain – Sam Chappel

Melanie – Sara Durante

Jessica – Michaela Groves

Sarah – Amber MacDonald

Natalie – Emma Martin

Ghosts – Jordan Mitchell, Alex Pappas, Isabella Rossignuolo

Clare – Jennifer Pappas

David – Asher Paterson

Chris – Max Piantoni

Justin – Emmett Redding

Trevor (Drazool’s Assistant) – Christopher Small

Caroline – Christine Ward

Fran – Phoebe Webber



Written by Michael Olsen

Directed by Zilly Smith

Synopsis – We all have our personal demons, but actor Douglas King has only one: it’s called Dig, and it visits him on the eve of his last ever performance as King Lear.  Dig has come to torment Douglas, but even one very persistent and scathing demon who brings to light some shocking home truths will not be enough to stop Douglas going out and performing one last time – even if it means paying for that with his very life ..


Douglas King – Trevor Paparella

Dig – Damian Vuleta


Year II

Written by Kathy Keeble

Directed by Felicite Keeble

Synopsis – The early 20th century spawned the birth of Socialism and Feminism, right?  Wrong!  Think back to 1789 and the French Revolution of the beginning of modern political culture.  This play is set in Year 2 of the Revolution during the Terror.  It uses, where possible, actual words taken from prisoners’ eye witness accounts, last letters, newspapers, revolutionary pamphlets and speeches.


Marino – Christopher O’Connor

Marquise – Heather Jackel

Fleury – Colin Donald

Guard – Ian Tweeddale

Marianne – Louise Powell


A High Price for Low Deeds

Written by Colin Donald

Directed by David O’Meara

Synopsis – Cam is a young man under pressure.  He and Penny are struggling to make ends meet and Cam knows that he should be doing his bit to bring some money in.  He doesn’t want to take a job with Penny’s father.  Perhaps his friend Phil can help.  The play opens in Cam and Penny’s flat.


Penny Ward – Allyson Hunt

Cameron Walker – Tom Roe

Stanley Ward – Ian Tweeddale

Charlie – Elizabeth Krieg

Phil – Ben Tumney



Written by Katherine Payne

Directed by Pat Alcock

Synopsis – Five princesses on the station of life: is it disenchantment, disillusion or disappointment?  What are they really looking for?


Aurora – Fiona Lilley

Belle – Narelle Olsen

Snow White – Sue Minshull

Cinderella – Kellie Raymond

Rapunzel – Janeen Sonsie

Little Red Riding Hood – Louise Powell

Jack – Colin Donald

Prince – Ian Tweeddale

Radio Announcer – Andrew Jacobs



Stage Manager – Shari Cohen

Production Co-ordinator – Cam Van Steel

Lighting Operator – Brad Parker

Sound Operator – Laura Bradley

Stage Crew – Elizabeth Krieg, Mark Hodgson

Costumes – Kathryn Keeble,  Elizabeth Payne