Four Plays & No Funeral – One Acts 2010



Fur Better or Worse

Written by Colin Donald

Directed by Laura Bradley


Felix – James Shaw

Toni – Rosie Renye

Robyn – Aynslie Watson

Synopsis – This is the story of Felix, a black & white cat.  With Toni (his human) having a string of bad luck in the romance department, Felix decides to take matters into his own paws.  He knows just the right lady for his lady – Robyn the local Avon lady.   But getting them together is going to involve some fast thinking, some personal sacrifice and some clever cat tricks.


The Nightly News [Youth Production]

Written by Gerald Murphy

Directed by Emmett Redding


Sarah Goldwin/Straw Pig – Phoebe Webber

James Olsen – Jennifer Pappas

Nancy Lector – Naomi Black

Bill Blather / King – Cameron Day

Peggy Logorrhoea / Cinderella – Lindsay Kremler

Bricky Pig – Pollyanna Redding

Synopsis – The Nightly News Team visits Sally Baba and The Forty Thieves, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella & The Three Little Pigs – all in less than half an hour.  Each report features a different speech pattern, including Spoonerisms, rhymes, hyperbole and finally clichés.


No Strings

Written by John Tilbrook

Directed by N. Jones


Glen – David Creedon

Jenny – Penelope Peck

Hotel Guest – James Shaw

Synopsis – Jenny arrives at the hotel Burton for a secret rendezvous with a  man she met online.  But her heart skips a beat when she spies her husband.  Has he caught her out?  Or is this the ultimate coincidence that his cyber-dalliance has lead him to the same hotel, only to meet his wife?  As the truth comes out, where will they turn from here?



Written by Kathryn Keeble

Directed by Felicite Keeble


Ivan – Colin Donald

Lena – Lindsay Kremler

Illya – Peter Fowler

Anna – Phoebe Webber

Federal Security Agents – David Creedon & Emmett Redding

Prosecutor – Sue Minshull

Synopsis – A reflection on the precarious situation faced by journalists in Russia.  Dissent is a detective story based on the 2007 death of Russian journalist Ivan Safronov who worked for the Moscow daily newspaper, Kopmmersan.


Hartwell received the following awards & nominations on the 2010 OAPF circuit:

South Gippsland One Act Play Festival (Aug 2010)


Most Outstanding Production [Fur Better or Worse]

Most Outstanding Director – Laura Bradley [Fur Better or Worse]

Most Outstanding Lead Actor (Male) – James Shaw [Fur Better or Worse]


Most Outstanding Lead Actor (Female) – Rosie Renye [Fur Better or Worse]

Most Outstanding Support Actor (Female) – Aynslie Watson [Fur Better or Worse]

Most Outstanding Design [Fur Better or Worse]

Monash One Act Play Festival (Sept 2010)


Adjudicators Award – James Shaw [as Hotel Guest in No Strings]


Excellence in Acting Male Lead – James Shaw [Fur Better or Worse]

Excellence in Acting Male Lead  – Colin Donald [DIssent]

Excellence in Acting Female Lead  – Penelope Peck [No Strings]

Excellence in Directing – Laura Bradley [Fur Better or Worse]

Excellence in Directing – N. Jones [No Strings]