SEASON 3, 2012
6/JULY – 14/JULY 2012

Four Slices of Fun Cake – A Season of One Act Plays



Written by Jane Cafarella

Directed by Joanne Watt

Synopsis – Andre thinks the world of Julie but wouldn’t give her husband Tom the time of day.  And for good reason.  After more than six years of sharing the house and sharing Julie, Andre decides enough is enough.


Julie – Jocelyn Crowley

Andre – Andrew Jacobs

Tom – Xavier Lee

Gloria – Nina McLean


Ham’s Hideaway

Written by Alison Knight

Directed by  Gordon Bedlow

Synopsis – Ham’s Hideaway is a black comedy based up on the aftermath of various Shakespearean characters.  Gertie is the owner of a manor called Ham’s Hideaway and she has to take care of her guests; Lady Macbeth, Duncan and Edgar, but her son Hamlet gets in the way of everything claiming that he is “a poet waiting to be discovered”.


Hamlet – Eleanor Rigg

Gertie – Lillian Liu

Lady Macbeth – Chloe Bedlow

Duncan – Matthew Clayton

Edgar – Aynslie Watson


Just Act Normal

Written by Miranda Hart

Transcribed & Directed by Marcus Ingleby

Synopsis – Miranda and her mother Penny need a psychiatrist’s assessment after a spot of bother with the police.  If they can just get through a 30-minute appointment with Dr Hopkins with all of their issues unspoken and their dignity intact all will be well.  But Miranda’s nervous energy and Penny’s need for social standing should put pay to that!


Miranda – Natasha Bassett

Penny – Emily O’Loughlin

Dr Hopkins – Colin Donald

Policeman – Grant Musaphia


Holding The Flowers

Written by Maree Gutterson

Directed by Julian Camara

Synopsis – The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem – and Helen’s problem isn’t something she’d admit to just anyone.  Luckily for her she’s not alone, and with these five ladies standing by her side, the path to recovery couldn’t be smoother. Could it?


Helen – Ruth Bishop

Marilyn – Aynslie Watson

Belinda – Chloe Bedlow

Susie – Jess Mithen

Trudy – Michelle Perera

Jackie – Meredith Ure



Production Coordindator – Aynslie Watson

Assistant Director (Just Act Normal) – Laura Bradley

Assistant Director (Ham’s Hideaway) – Aynslie Watson

Sound Operator – Kurt Gomes

Lighting Operator – Alex O’Neill

Stage Manager – Aynslie Watson

Stage Crew – Colin Donald, Natalie Keynton