Love, Loss & What I Wore

Written by Nora Ephron & Delia Ephron

Based on the book by Ilene Beckerman

Original Off Broadway Production produced by Daryl Roth

Directed by Bruce Cochrane

Have you ever had a favourite piece of clothing that you couldn’t quite let go?  Even though it was old, or frayed or far too small? 

Every time you go to throw it out, you remember wearing it for your first kiss; the birth of your child; your High School dance; your mother’s funeral …

Meet some of the women of Love, Loss and What I Wore

* Pam, who lost her very favourite shirt. The one that went with everything, that always felt comfortable; so much so that losing it felt like the death of a close friend.

* Lynne, who still has the first ever gift her husband ever gave her. Something to hold onto while he was in prison.

                * Nora, who stands for all women who hate their handbags.

                * Geralyn, whose make-up remained immaculate even through her breast cancer surgery.

And Gingy, whose clothes become stepping stones through a life so varied and surprising that we need several visits just to see it all!


Thurs 6th, Fri 7th, Sat 8th April @ 8pm

Sunday 9th April @ 5pm



Ashwood High School Performing Arts Centre,

Vannam Drive, Ashwood


$20 Adult

$15 Concession

Groups (10 or more to same session) $15



Kellie Tweeddale

Alison Campbell Rate

Clare Hayes

Susan Rundle

Amy Coutts

Anoushka Klaus

Ana Della Rocca

Gabby Llewelyn Salter

Kat Elliott

Kate Spruce

Jodi Sanders



Director – Bruce Cochrane

Production Coordinator – Tamara Dahmen

Stage Manager – Leah Dean

Lighting Designer – Peter Lyons

Sound Designer – Bruce Cochrane, Lachlan McGill

Lighting Operator – Claire Lyons

Sound Operator – Lachlan McGill

FOH & Ticket Box – Laura Bradley

Poster Design – Janine Evans