Season 3 – 2011

Murder & Mirth: A Season of One Act Plays 2011



Written by Alison Knight

Directed by Ann Marie O’Neill

Synopsis – A group of parents & teachers plan the end of year school spectacular.


Di Finnegan – Alicia Mew

Frank Finnegan – Peter Fowler

Dave Endicott – Barry Baker

Nick Bellingham – Marcus Ingleby

Polly Thompson – Claire Watt

Zoe Schmidt – Michaela Smith

Gwen Foster – Laura Bradley

Heather Brown – Alison Knight

Secretary – Sue Minshull


Mrs Thally F

Written by John Romerill

Directed by Michaela Smith

Presented by Arrangement with Currency Press

Synopsis – Mrs Butler danced through Desmond.  Mrs Fletcher danced through Bert.  Mrs Thally F danced right into a life sentence.


Vonnie – Deborah McKelvey

Mother – Chloe Bedlow

Mrs Roach / Mrs Witchard – Tanya Richardson

Imaginary Vonnie – Rachel Cox

Dessie/Bluey – Dominic Lee Watt


Running Battle [Youth Production]

Written by Phil Freeman

Directed by Laura Bradley

Synopsis – The younger members of the Dingle family are horrified to discover that their parents, who must be absolutely ancient, are going to run in a marathon to raise money for charity.  Even worse, they’re going to run it as a three-legged race!  How will they ever live down the shame?


Pat Dingle – Aynslie Watson

Mick Dingle – Marcus Ingleby

Paula Dingle – Grace Kiely

Davey / Shane – Gordon Bedlow

Vinny / Sophie – Naomi Black

Jean – Myra Davidson

Bradley Dingle – Dominic Lee Watt

Fran Dingle – Pollyanna Redding

Kelly – April Muller

Jane / Ingrid – Kiera MacDonald

Paul – Alex O’Neill


Fur Better or Worse  (ENCORE PERFORMANCE)

Written by Colin Donald

Directed by Laura Bradley

Synopsis – This is a play that looks at the joy of cat ownership – from the point of view of the cat (Felix).  Felix maintains his cat aloofness and self-satisfaction towards his owner Toni but begrudgingly has to reveal his devotion when Toni’s love life falls on hard times.  Felix sees a likely saviour for Toni’s broken heart in Robyn, a door-to-door saleswoman, but his plans have to involve a brutal bully of a dog and some self-sacrifice.


Felix – James Shaw

Toni – Rosie Renye

Robyn – Aynslie Watson



Hartwell received the following awards & nominations on the 2011 OAPF circuit:

Dandenong Ranges (July) – in attendance was MRS THALLY F & FUR BETTER OR WORSE


People’s Choice – Fur Better or Worse

Adjudicator’s Award – Rosie Renye for “being an excellent foil to Felïx”

Adjudicator’s Award – Rachel Cox for “her discipline & dancing as Imaginary Vonnie” in Mrs Thally F

Adjudicator’s Award – Dominic Lee Watt for “his discipline & concentration” in Mrs Thally F


Best Actor Female – Rosie Renye (Fur Better or Worse)

Best Actor Female – Deborah McKelvey (Mrs Thally F)

Best Actor Male – James Shaw (Fur Better or Worse

Best Supporting Female – Chloe Bedlow (Mrs Thally F)

Best Supporting Female – Tanya Richardson (Mrs Thally F)

Best Ensemble – Mrs Thally F

Best Director – Michaela Smith (Mrs Thally F)

Best Director – Laura Bradley (Fur Better or Worse)

Best Production – Mrs Thally F

Best Production – Fur Better or Worse


Ararat (August) – in attendance was FUR BETTER OR WORSE


Best Comedy

Encouragement AwardJames Shaw [as Felix]


South Gippsland (August) – in attendance was RUNNING BATTLE, COMMITTED  & MRS THALLY F


Most Outstanding Lead Actor Female – Deborah McKelvey (Mrs Thally F)

VDL Encouragement Award – Dominic Lee Watt & Rachel Cox (Mrs Thally F)


Most Outstanding Director – Michaela Smith (Mrs Thally F)


Ballarat (August) –  in attendance was COMMITTED, RUNNING BATTLE & FUR BETTER OR WORSE


Actor with the Most Potential – James Shaw [as Felix in Fur Better or Worse]


Best Production – Fur Better or Worse