2011 Season One


See photos of the production here.

See photos of the rehearsals here.

Written by Colin Donald
Directed By Fiona Lilley
Original Music by Lachlan Davidson

Everyone knows the story of Robin Hood. Right? WRONG!

Our original version (written by Hartwell’s own Colin Donald) features familiar characters and a familiar storyline but with some twists, turns and characters not usually seen in a traditional Robin Hood story.

Intrigued? Then you’ve got to come see the show!

This is a family show, suitable for all ages and features lots of singing, dancing, sword fighting, arrow aiming & silly bad guys. We’ve got girls in mens wear and guys in dresses. It’s the usual pantomime fun!!

Performance Dates

Evening Performances – 7pm:

January 2011: Fri 14th, Sat 15th, Fri 21st, Sat 22nd, Fri 28th, Sat 29th

Matinée Performance – 2pm:

January 2011: Sat 15th, Sun 16th, Sat 22nd, Sun 23rd, Sat 29th



Music composed & performed by Lachlan Davidson
Lyrics by Colin Donald, Lachlan Davidson & Fiona Lilley

Merry Merry Merry – Performed by Robin Hood’s Merry Band
MaMa Superstar – Performed by Lady MaMa, The Lady MaMa Dancers & Friar Tuck
I’d Rather be Rich – Performed by Prince John
Sisters Witch – Performed by Dubble-Dubble, Toyle & Trubble
Our Love is True – Performed by Robin Hood & Lady MaMa
Merry Merry Merry (Reprise) – Performed by all cast


Robin Hood – Grace Kiely
Lady MaMa (Maid Marion) – Clinton G
Sheriff of Nottingham – Xavier Lee
Prince John – Aynslie Watson
Will Scarlett – Dominic Lee Watt
Friar Tuck – Laura Bradley
Quasimodo – Matthew Clayton
Little John – Josh Beams
Pincushion – Pollyanna Redding
Dubble-Dubble – Sally-Anne Macdonald
Toyle – Amelia Van Steel
Trubble – Robyn Fowler
Lady MaMa Dancer – Myra Davidson
Lady MaMa Dancer – Maddy Bird
Lady MaMa Dancer – Brielle (Brie) White
Lady MaMa Dancer – Kiera Macdonald
William Tell / Merry Band – Oliver Watt
Sagittarius / Merry Band – Jai Liu
Cupid / Merry Band – Jesara Holt
Simon Fairweather / Noble – Nina McLean
Noble / Guard – Emmelyn Weller
Noble / Guard – April Muller
Merry Band – Liam Davidson
Merry Band – Theresa Holt
Merry Band – Josh Holt
Merry Band – Sharon Fleischer


Director – Fiona Lilley
Writer – Colin Donald
Composer – Lachlan Davidson
Assistant Director – Laura Bradley
Production Co-Ordinator – Aynslie Watson
Costume Design & Creation – Joanne Watt
Choreographer – Joanne Watt
Stage Manager – Jaklene Vukasinovic
Technical Designer – Shawn Kleuh