Shakespeare – Season 2, 2006

As You Like It

Written by William Shakespeare

Directed by Cam Van Steel


Taken from the Director’s Comments in the program

“…One of the things that drew me towards directing As You Like It is the theme of “Love” and its different forms in the relationships between the characters in this play. Love is a universal emotion and it is manifest in many different ways.  There is “Puppy Love”, “Love at First Sight”, “Enduring Love”, “Brotherly Love”, “Unrequited Love” and being “Lovesick”, to mention just a few.  There are people who are afraid of love; have been hurt by love; deny love; fall in love with love; long for love; lust after love.  All these emotions, and some of the opposite, are in this play in the different characters and their relationships.  The challenge for all of us involved in the play is to keep it accessible, understandable, light, humorous and entertaining.”


Oliver (son of Richard de Boys) – Richard Pappas

Jaques (son of Richard de Boys) – Jack Nicholls

Orlando (son of Richard de Boys) – Tyson White

Adam (Orlando’s Servant) – Paul de Freitas

Dennis (Oliver’s Servant) – Andrew Jacobs

Duke Frederick – Roderick Chappel

Celia (his daughter) – Fleur Murphy

Lords – Andrew Jacobs, Elizabeth Krieg

Touchstone (a clown) – Pter Kostopoulos

Le Beau (a courtier) – Jack Nicholls

Charles (a wrestler) – Xavier Lee

Duke Senior (in exile) – Roderick Chappel

Rosalind (his daughter) – Kara Stacey Merrin

Lords/ Musicians (in exile) – Elizabeth Krieg, Andrew Jacobs, Jack Nicholls

Jaques (a melancholy philosopher) – Robert Tuttleby

Silvius (a shepherd) – Nathan Jones

Corin (a shepherd) – Colin Donald

William (a country fellow) – Xavier Lee

Phebe (a shepherdess) – Katherine Payne

Audrey (a country wench) – Kellie Raymond

Sir Oliver (a vicar) – Xavier Lee

Hymen (God of Marriage) – Elizabeth Krieg

Bookmaker / Buskers / Fortune Teller / Magician / Magician’s Assistant / Pages / Weight Lifter – Paul de Freitas, Colin Donald, Andrew Jacobs, Nathan Jones, Elizabeth Krieg, Richard Pappas, Katherine Payne, Kellie Raymond.



Director – Cam Van Steel

Stage Manager – Adrienne Porter

Assistant Stage Manager – Laura Bradley

Production Coordinator – Joanne Watt

Stage Assistants – Fiona Lilley, Narelle Olsen, Ian Seath

Sound & Lighting Operators – Mark Hodgson, Brad Parker, Emmett Redding, Max Piantoni

Costumes – Joanne Watt

Music Composition – Elizabeth Krieg (with creative assistance from Andrew Jacobs)

Sets / Painting – John Payne

FOH Coordinator – Sally-Anne MacDonald

Publicity – Katherine Payne, Joanne Watt