Snow White & Friends

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The Summer Show tradition continues at Hartwell with our very own adaptation of a much loved tale.

Written by Felicité Keeble (with contributions from Bob Tuttleby)

Directed by David Lawson-Smith


In this delightful re-telling of a fairy tale classic, Snow White meets Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding Hood in the woods where they are taken in by dwarves and helpful creatures. Will their suitors find them before the evil Queen and her baddies do? Will the Mirror get a moment to reflect? Will Goldilocks ever find her porridge?


Evil Queen – Sara Broadway
Mirror – Michelle Collyer
Snow White – Amelia Van Steel
Sleeping Beauty – Emmelyn Weller
Little Red Riding Hood – Hannah Evans
Prince 1 – Grace McNiven
Prince 2 – Robert Warburton
Huntsman – Thomas Webber
Wolf – Johann Vantwest
Goldilocks – Chloe Kues
Seven Dwarves – Sascha Krnic, Tess Martin, Jessica Collyer, Lexie Craig, Larissa Parkyn, Jesara Holt, Dylan Craig
Daddy Bear – Kirk Dunn
Mummy Bear – Paula Klement
Baby Bear – Kate Benjamin
King – Kirk Dunn
Animals – Alexia Handrinos, Terri Handrinos, Eden van Twest, Phoenix van Twest


Director – David Lawson-Smith
Assistant Director – Kate Deavin
Production Co-Ordinator – Nathan Jones


Matinée – 2pm
Jan 2014 – Sat 11th, Sun 12th, Fri 17th, Sat 18th

Evening – 7pm