1938          THE ISLE OF DREAMS (by Fay Hornby Evans & Mabel Down) Dir: Irene Appleton
1947          PYGMALION & GALATEA (by W.S. Gilbert) Dir: Irene Appleton
1948          PYGMALION & GALATEA (by W.S. Gilbert) Dir: Irene Appleton  (2)
1952          PRISON WITHOUT BARS (by Peggy Barwell)
1953          CHARITY BEGINS Dir: Heather Fraser
1953          ON A SPRING MORNING (One Act Play)
1954          LADIES IN WAITING Dir: Heather Fraser
1954          NO THOROUGHFARE Dir: Heather Fraser
1954          ONE ACT PLAYS: Anti-Clock Wise/ Brooch for the Bride / Mrs Methuselah
1955          MURDER WITHOUT MEN Dir: Heather Fraser
1956          NINE TIL SIX (by Aimee & Philip Stuart) Dir: Heather Fraser
1957          BON AVENTURE (by Charlotte Hastings) Dir: Heather Fraser
1957          WHEN WE ARE MARRIED (by J.B. Priestley) Dir: Heather Fraser
1957          THE HOLLY & THE IVY (by Wynyard Brown) Dir: Heather Fraser
1958          LACE ON HER PETTICOAT (by Aimee Stuart) Dir: Heather Fraser
1958          CUCKOO IN CONNEMARA (by Kate Lindsay) Dir: Ken Climas
1958          A MURDER HAS BEEN ARRANGED (by Emlyn Williams) Dir: Heather Climas
1959          THE SECRET TENT (by Elizabeth Addyman) Dir: Heather Climas
1959          THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST (by Oscar Wilde) Dir: Heather Climas
1959          BUT ONCE A YEAR (by Falkland L. Cary) Dir: Heather Climas
1960          WATERS OF THE MOON (by N.C. Hunter) Dir: Hugh Templeton
1960          INTERVAL (by Summer Locke-Elliott) Dir: Robert Shroeder
1961          FOR PETE’S SAKE (by Leslie Sands) Dir: Hugh Templeton
1961          THE TOUCH OF SILK (by Betty Roland) Dir: Lois Smith
1962          BESIDE THE SEASIDE (by Leslie Sands) Dir: Beth Matthews
1962          WISHING WELL (by E. Eynon Evans) Dir: Beth Matthews
1962          THE PARPOT ASSASSINATION (by Yves Cabrol) Dir: Shirley James
1963          TREASURE HUNT (by M.J Farrell & John Perry) Dir: H. Michael Robinson
1963          THIS HAPPY BREED (by Noel Coward) Dir: H. Michael Robinson
1963          TOAD IN THE HOLE (by Maurice McLoughlin) Dir: Beth Matthews
1964          SEPARATE TABLES (by Terence Rattigan) Dir: H. Michael Robinson
1964          BREATH OF SPRING (by Peter Coke) Dir: Hugh Templeton
1964          THE LINDEN TREE (by J.B. Priestley) Dir: H. Michael Robinson
1965          QUIET WEDDING (by Ester McCracken) Dir: H. Michael Robinson
1965          YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU (by Hart & Kaufman) Dir: Heather Climas
1965          DEAR OCTOPUS (by Dodie Smith) Dir: H. Michael Robinson
1966          SABRINA FAIR (by Samuel Taylor) Dir: Shirley James
1966          IT’S NEVER TOO LATE (by Felicity Douglas) Dir: Hugh Templeton
1966          SUMMER OF THE SEVENTEENTH DOLL (by Ray Lawler) Dir: Shirley James
1967          LADIES IN RETIREMENT (by Edward Percy & Reginald Denham) Dir: Hugh Templeton
1967          THE BRIDE & THE BACHELOR (by Ronald Millar) Dir: Alex Foster
1968          THE RELUCTANT DEBUTANTE (by William Douglas Home) Dir: Ron Paddon
1968          MAN ALIVE (by John Dighton) Dir: Alex Foster
1969          DEAR OCTOPUS (by Dodie Smith) Dir: Rosabelle Kinsey (2)
1969          LIFE WITH THE GIRLS (by John Woolridge) Dir: Ron Paddon
1970          SHADOW IN THE SUN (by Maurice McLoughlin) Dir: Rosabelle Kinsey
1970          OUT OF THE QUESTION (by Ira Wallach) Dir: Rosabelle Kinsey
1971          NIGHT OF THE DING DONG (by Ralph Peterson) Dir: Alex Foster
1971          FOOL’S PARADISE (by Peter Coke) Dir: Cyril Thompson
1972          THE GARDEN OF ADONIS (by Peter Watling) Dir: Alex Foster
1972          HERE WE COME GATHERING (by Philip King & Anthony Armstrong) Dir: Rosabelle Kinsey
1973          THE CURIOUS SAVAGE (by John Patrick) Dir: Rosabelle Kinsey
1973          ONE ACT PLAYS: In A Nursing Home (Dir: Merle Brown) / AT MRS JONES’ (Dir: Graeme Moore) / THE OLD HARRY (Dir: Hugh Templeton)
1973          APPOINTMENT WITH DEATH (by Agatha Christie) Dir: Rosabelle Kinsey
1974          THE MATCHMAKER (by Thornton Wilder) Dir: Rosabelle Kinsey
1974          TRESPASS (by Emlyn Williams) Dir: Heather Climas
1975          SABRINA FAIR (by Samuel Taylor) Dir: Rosabelle Kinsey (2)
1975          PYGMALION (by George Bernard Shaw) Dir: Rosabelle Kinsey
1976          GOODNIGHT MRS PUFFIN (by Arthur Lovegrove) Dir: Rosabelle Kinsey
1976          ONE ACT PLAYS: This Boy, Connor (by Anthony Booth) Dir: Graeme Moore / LOVE & HOW TO CURE IT (by Thornton Wilder) Dir: Ronald Paddon
1976          YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU (by Hart & Kaufman) Dir: Rosabelle Kinsey (2)
1977          REBECCA (by Daphne Du Maurier) Dir: Rosabelle Kinsey
1977          THE GOLDEN LEGION OF CLEANING WOMEN (by Alan Hopgood) Dir: Rosabelle Kinsey
1978          MAN ALIVE (by John Dighton) Dir: Rosabelle Kinsey & Robert Schroeder (2)
1978          MY THREE ANGELS (by Sam & Bella Spewack) Dir: Ron Paddon
1979          THE HOLLOW (by Agatha Christie) Dir: Rosabelle Kinsey
1979          THE HEIRESS (by Ruth & Augustus Goetz) Dir: Ruth Nicholls
1980          OUR TOWN (by Thornton Wilder) Dir: Max Grant
1980          ON MONDAY NEXT (by Philp King) Dir: Rosabelle Kinsey
1981          BIRDS ON THE WING (by Peter Yeldham) Dir: Edna Jones
1981          THE SLAUGHTER OF ST. TERESA’S DAY (by Peter Kenna) Dir: Heather Climas
1982          THE DEEP BLUE SEA (by Terence Rattigan) Dir: Robert Schroeder
1982          YOUNG WIVES’ TALE (by Ronald Jears) Dir: Heather Climas
1982          THE MATCHMAKER (by Thornton Wilder) Dir: Rosabelle Kinsey (2)
1983          WATERS OF THE MOON (by N.C. Hunter) Dir: Graeme Fletcher (2)
1983          BAREFOOT IN THE PARK (by Neil Simon) Dir: Edna Jones
1983          A Xmas Revue (in association with Camberwell Youth Theatre)
1984          LIVING TOGETHER (by Alan Ayckbourn) Dir: Hilda Ortland
1984          BELL, BOOK & CANDLE (by John van Druten) Dir: Laura Brinson
1984          THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER (by Hart & Kaufman) Dir: Ron Paddon
1985          THE GOOD DOCTOR (by Neil Simon) Dir: Barbara O’Sullivan & Mhairi Docherty
1985          PRIDE & PREJUDICE (by Jane Austen, adapted by Helen Jerome) Dir: Heather Climas
1985          THE GINGERBREAD LADY (by Neil Simon) Dir: Hilda Ortland
1985          HAY FEVER (by Noel Coward) Dir: Graeme Moore
1985          SCROOGE (by Charles Dickens, adapted by Steve Gagen) Dir: Helena Gunderson
1986          AUNTIE MAME (by Jerome Lawrence & Robert E Lee) Dir: Ron Paddon
1986          THE BOYFRIEND (by ? Wilson)
1987          THE TAMING OF THE SHREW (by William Shakespeare) Dir: Di Gagen
1987          THE FURTIVE FORTUNES OF FICKLE FATE (by Nevil Thurgood)
1987          AND THEN THERE WERE NONE (by Agatha Christie)
1987          SONS OF CAIN (by David Williamson)
1988          JACK & THE BEANSTALK (by Ric McInerny)
1988          LIFE WITH FATHER (by Lindsay/Crouse)

Between 1989 & 2001 archives were not well kept, old posters of shows (at Eddy St Hall) include:

                   OLIVER TWIST (by Charles Dickens, adapted by Nigel Bryant)
                   TEN TIMES TABLE (by Alan Ayckbourn)
                   ANTIGONE (by Sophocles, translated by E.F. Watling) Dir: Dianne & Steve Gagen
                   THE TEMPEST (by William Shakespeare)
                   THE LION, THE WITCH & THE WARDROBE (adapted by Joseph Robinette)
                   KING LEAR (by William Shakespeare) Dir: Steven Schiller
                   I HATE HAMLET (by Paul Rudnick)
                   THE SECRET DIARY OF ADRIAN MOLE AGED 13¾ (by Sue Townsend)
                   ONE ACT PLAYS: Short ‘n’ Sharp Dir: Helen Rogers & FelicitÉ Keeble
                   ONE ACT PLAYS: Adult Concepts Dir: Helen Rogers, Kellie Raymond, Barbara Syme
                  THE WIZARD OF OZ (by L Frank Baum) Dir: Helen Rogers & Kellie Raymond
2001          DON’S PARTY (by David Williamson) Dir: Kellie Raymond & Cam Van Steel
2002          ??
2003          PETER PAN
2003          THE TAMING OF THE SHREW (by William Shakespeare) (2)
2003          ONE ACT PLAYS
2003          FUNNY MONEY
2004          TOAD OF TOAD HALL  Dir: Joanne Watt & Dee Whittington
2004          ROMEO & JULIET (by William Shakespeare)
2004          ONE ACT PLAYS
2004          ARCADIA
2005          THE LION, THE WITCH & THE WARDROBE (2)
2005          RICHARD III (by William Shakespeare) dir: Richard pappas
2005          ONE ACT PLAYS: Homegrown @ Hartwell
2005          DEAD WHITE MALES Dir: Roderick Chappel
2006          AS YOU LIKE IT (by William Shakespeare) Dir: Cam Van Steel
2006         ONE ACT PLAYS: Flights of Fantasy Dir: Andrew Jacobs & Katherine Payne, Zilly Smith, FelicitÉ Keeble, David O’Meara
2007          CINDERELLA
2007          THE MERCHANT OF VENICE (by William Shakespeare) Dir: N. Jones
2007          ONE ACT PLAYS: Perceptions DIR: Robert TUTTLEBY, PAT ALCOCK,
2007          A DOLLS HOUSE (by Ibsen) Dir: Katherine Payne
2008          BLACKROCK (by Nick Enright) Dir: Kellie Raymond
2008          JULIUS CAESAR (by William Shakespeare) Dir: Sharon Maine
2009          THE ORDINARY PRINCESS (by ?) Dir: Kate Deavin
2009          TWELFTH NIGHT (by William Shakespeare) DIR: COLIN ROCHFORD
2009          ONE ACT PLAYS: Women’s Writes Dir: Sasha Kerdel, Kate Deavin, N. Jones, Helen Rogers
2010          THE COUNTRY OF PAPER CASTLES (by John Tilbrook) Dir: LINDSAY KREMLER
2010          THE TEMPEST (by William Shakespeare) Dir: Phoebe Taylor (2)
2010          ONE ACT PLAYS: Four Plays & No Funeral Dir: Laura Bradley, Emmett Redding, N. Jones, FelicitÉ Keeble
2011          ROBIN HOOD IN 3D (by Colin Donald) Dir: Fiona Lilley
2011          HAMLET (by William Shakespeare) Dir: Phoebe Taylor
2011          ONE ACT PLAYS: Murder & Mirth Dir: Laura Bradley, Anne Marie O’Neill, Michaela Smith
2011          THE VOYSEY INHERITANCE (by ?) Dir: Bruce Cochrane
2012          THE REAL STORY OF PUSS IN BOOTS (by David Foxton) Dir: Joanne Watt
2012          MACBETH (by William Shakespeare) Dir: Samuel Chappel
2012          ONE ACT PLAYS: Four Slices of Funcake Dir: Joanne Watt, Gordon Bedlow, Marcus Ingleby, Julian Camara
2012          DAISY PULLS IT OFF (by Denise Deegan) Dir: Laura Bradley
2013          TINY THUMBELINA (by Vera Morris) Dir: Dee Whittington & Michaela Smith
2013          ONE ACT PLAYS: Fractured Fairytales Dir: Michaela Smith, Peter Sims, Andrew Vial
2014          SNOW WHITE & FRIENDS (by FelicitÉ Keeble & ROBERT TUTTLEBY) Dir: David Lawson-Smith (2)
2014          THE COMEDY OF ERRORS (by William Shakespeare) Dir: CARL WHITESIDE
2014          HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW? (by Geoff Bamber) Dir: Fiona Clayton
2015          THE SNOW QUEEN (by Hayley Lawson-Smith) Dir: David Lawson-Smith
2015          ONE ACT PLAYS: Crossed Wires Dir: Michaela Smith, N. Jones, Kate Deavin
2015          THE DINING ROOM (by A.R. Gurney) Dir: Laura Bradley
2016          ONE ACT PLAYS: Mind Games Dir: Laura Bradley, Tamara Dahmen, George Benca
2017          LOVE, LOSS & WHAT I WORE (by Nora Ephron & Delia Ephron) Dir: Bruce Cochrane
2017          THE LARAMIE PROJECT (by Moises Kaufmann & Tectonic Theatre Co) Dir: Kellie Tweeddale
2018         ONE ACT PLAYS (Strange Love, Dir: Chris O’Neill, Kellie Tweeddale and Dominic Watt)
2018         REALISM (by xx) Dir: Samuel Chappel
2019         LOVE/SICK (by John Cariani) Dir: Laura Bradley
2019         ONE ACT PLAYS (AFTER LIFE. Dir: Jennifer Bite, Paul Wanis, David Collins)
2019         CORIOLANUS (by William Shakespeare) Dir: Tam Dahmen-O’Neill
2020         WOMEN PLAYING HAMLET (by William Missouri Downs) Dir: Jodi Sanders