2016 Season

Mind Games – One Act Plays 2016

2015 Season

The Snow Queen
Crossed Wires – One Act Plays 2015
The Dining Room

2014 Season

Snow White & Friends
The Comedy of Errors
How Does Your Garden Grow?

2013 Season

Tiny Thumbelina
Fractured Fairytales – One Act Plays 2013

2012 Season

The Real Story of Puss in Boots
Four Slices of Funcake – One Act Plays 2012
Daisy Pulls It Off

2011 Season

Robin Hood in 3D
Murder & Mirth – One Act Plays 2011
The Voysey Inheritance

2010 Season

The Country Of Paper Castles
The Tempest
Four Plays & No Funeral – One Act Plays 2010

2009 Season

The Ordinary Princess
Twelfth Night
Women’s Writes – One Act Plays 2009

2008 Season

Snow White
Julius Caesar

2007 Season

The Merchant of Venice
Perceptions – One Act Plays 2007
A Doll’s House

2006 Season

Alice in Wonderland
As You Like It
Flights of Fantasy – One Act Plays 2006

2005 Season

The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe
Richard III
Homegrown @ Hartwell – One Act Plays 2005
Dead White Males

2004 Season

Toad Of Toad Hall
Romeo And Juliet
One Act Plays 2004

2003 Season

Peter Pan
The Taming Of The Shrew
One Act Plays 2003
Funny Money